Purchasing a License

Secure your fishing and hunting privileges by obtaining licenses, valid annually from January 1 to December 31:

  • Online: Visit fishnh.com to purchase licenses conveniently.
  • In-Person: Obtain licenses from license agents, Fish and Game Department headquarters in Concord, Fish and Game Region 1, 2, and 4 Offices, and select town or city clerks.
  • Transaction Fee: A $2 fee applies for each license form ($2.75 for Internet purchases).

Lost Licenses

If you misplace your regular hunting and fishing licenses, including recreational saltwater, clam, and oyster licenses:

  • Reprinting: Visit the original issuing agent or N.H. Fish and Game in Concord.
  • Online Option: If purchased from a license agent and at least one week has passed since issuance, reprint from the online sales site.
  • Cost: There's no charge for reprints, but there's a limit on the number allowed.
  • Miscellaneous Licenses: Duplicates are issued solely at Fish and Game in Concord for other licenses.

Residents Age 68 or Older

Residents aged 68 and over seeking clam or oyster licenses:

  • Requirement: Obtain a free, permanent Clam/Oyster License at Fish and Game Headquarters or by mail.

Residency Requirements

To qualify for resident rates:

  • Documentation: Present a valid New Hampshire driver's license or non-driver's picture ID issued by the N.H. Department of Safety, Division of Motor Vehicles.
  • Minors: If the applicant is under 18, the parent or guardian, as a resident, must present their valid New Hampshire driver's license or non-driver's picture ID.

Permanent Disabled Licenses

Qualified N.H. residents may be eligible for the following Permanent Disabled Licenses:

  • Disabled Veteran License
  • Paraplegic License
  • Blind Fishing License
  • Complimentary Fishing for Developmentally Disabled

Visit fishnh.com for information and application forms.

Violation and Revocation

Conviction for various offenses may lead to the revocation of fishing licenses or privileges:

  • Offenses: Violation of fishing laws or rules, littering, or criminal trespass.
  • Legislation: RSA 214:19; 207:36-b; 635:2.

New Hampshire Saltwater Fishing License Information

Carrying Your License

Ensure compliance with fishing and hunting regulations by carrying your license at all times during fishing or hunting activities. Here's what you need to know:

  • Requirement: Your license must be on your person.
  • Digital Option: For fishing licenses, presenting a PDF or other fixed image of a valid license on a smartphone suffices, provided a Conservation Officer can view the information and you can present a photo ID.
  • Clamming: While clamming, display your license prominently (refer to Shellfish section).

Striped Bass Volunteer Angler Survey

Participate in the Striped Bass Volunteer Angler Survey and contribute to the understanding of striped bass fishing in New Hampshire:

  • Objective: Share details such as fishing duration and fish length to assist Marine Division's assessment of striped bass populations.
  • Submission Methods:
    • By Mail: Complete trip logs and send them via mail.
    • Online Logbook: Fill out an electronic logbook at fishnh.com/surveys/striped-bass.html.
  • Getting Started: Contact the Marine Division at Reg3@wildlife.nh.gov or (603) 868-1095 to receive your logbook via mail or email.
  • Submission Deadline: Submit your logs by November 1 for a chance to win raffle prizes.

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