Special River Restrictions

When it comes to fishing in specific river areas, it's crucial to be aware of special restrictions and regulations. Here's a breakdown of the restrictions in various river locations:

Cocheco River

  • Restriction: Closed from the upstream side of Central Avenue Bridge to downstream side of Washington Street Bridge in Dover.

Exeter River (downtown)

  • Restriction: Closed from the upstream side of High Street (Great) Bridge to downstream side of Chestnut Street (String) Bridge (on Squamscott River) in Exeter.

Lamprey River

  • Restrictions:
    • Use of any net or weir for the taking of finfish is prohibited from the downstream side of the Macallen Dam to a line perpendicular with the two riverbanks from the north side of the Newmarket boat launch ramp.
    • Closed from upstream side of Rte 108 Bridge to 275 feet below the downstream side of Macallen Dam (tidal water) in Newmarket.
    • Use of nets, except weirs, restricted to the period of sunrise to sunset.

Oyster River

  • Restriction: Closed from the upstream side of dam and fishway, including a 50-foot radius in front of the fishway; closed to the taking of river herring from Mill Pond Dam, Durham, downstream to the river mouth in Little Bay.

Piscataqua River

  • Restriction: Including Great Bay estuary and tributaries inland of Memorial Bridge, closed to the use of gill nets with mesh larger than 3 inches.

Salmon Falls River

  • Restriction: Closed from the upstream side of the Route 4 Bridge to 150 feet downstream of South Berwick Dam.

Squamscott River

  • Restriction: Closed to all harvest of river herring in NH waters.

Taylor River

  • Restrictions:
    • Closed from the railroad bridge to the head of tide dam in Hampton to the taking of river herring by netting of any method.
    • Closed from the upstream side of fishway and dams, including a 50-foot radius in front of the fishway on the upstream side, to a line perpendicular to the south end of the south overflow culvert at Route 95 to the opposite side of the river (east).

Winnicut River

  • Restrictions:
    • Closed to all fishing within a 25-foot radius of the downstream portion of the fishway and a 6-foot radius of the upstream portion of the fishway.
    • Closed to the taking of all fish, except by angling, from the south side of the Boston and Maine Railroad bridge to the Route 33 bridge.

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