Barbary Sheep Hunting Essentials

General Hunting Requirements

  • Mandatory Items in the Field:
    • Details on the required items for Barbary sheep hunting can be found on page 8.
  • Tagging Barbary Sheep Harvests:
    • Instructions for tagging are on pages 29–30.
  • License Requirements and Fees:
    • Specifics on licenses and related fees are available on pages 8–13.
  • Legal Sporting Arms:
    • Defined by hunt code, see page 28 for more information.
  • Military Reservation Hunting:
    • Guidelines for hunting on military lands are outlined on page 40.

Barbary Sheep Draw Licenses

  • Application Deadline:
    • March 22, 2023, is the last day to apply for draw licenses.
  • Group Application:
    • Up to four individuals per application are permitted.
  • License/Tag Distribution:
    • Successful applicants receive a mailed license/tag or choose the E-Tag option.
    • A license includes hunt code, unit description, sporting arm type, season dates, and bag limit.
    • Tags come with instructions for use.

Bag Limits Explained

  • ES (Either Sex):
    • One Barbary sheep of any sex can be harvested.
  • F–IM (Female – Immature Male):
    • Any female or a male with horns under 18 inches long are eligible for harvest.

Draw Licenses: Dates, Codes, and Bag Limits

McGregor Range Unit 28

  • Dec. 9–13: BBY–1–116 (10 Licenses, Standard, Bag: ES)
  • Dec. 9–13: BBY–1–117 (10 Licenses, Military Only, Bag: ES)
  • Dec. 30–31: BBY–1–118 (80 Licenses, Standard, Bag: F–IM)
  • Dec. 30–31: BBY–1–119 (10 Licenses, Military Only, Bag: F–IM)
  • Jan. 6–7, '24: BBY–1–120 (50 Licenses, Standard, Bag: F–IM)
  • Jan. 6–7, '24: BBY–1–121 (10 Licenses, Military Only, Bag: F–IM)

Units 29, 30

  • Bow: Jan. 1–15, '24: BBY–2–108 (75 Licenses, Standard, Bag: ES)
  • Any Legal Weapon Seasons: Dates range from Oct. 10–16 to Feb. 21–27, '24 with hunt codes BBY–1–109 to BBY–1–115 (75 to 200 Licenses per date, Standard, Bag: ES)

Units 32, 36, 37

  • Bow: Jan. 1–15, '24: BBY–2–100 (75 Licenses, Standard, Bag: ES)
  • Any Legal Weapon Seasons: Dates range from Oct. 10–16 to Feb. 21–27, '24 with hunt codes BBY–1–101 to BBY–1–107 (50 to 150 Licenses per date, Standard, Bag: ES)

Over-the-Counter Licenses

  • Bag Limit:
    • Either sex for Barbary sheep.
  • Statewide Licenses:
    • Open units are listed below and the licenses are available for purchase at vendors, NMDGF offices, online or by phone.
    • Over-the-counter licenses are not available to draw applicants until after the release of draw results.

Any Legal Weapon Year-Round Hunt

  • Apr. 1–Mar.31, '24: BBY–1–300 (Unlimited Licenses, Bag: ES)

Private-Land-Only Licenses

  • License Purchase:
    • Hunters must acquire a private-land-only license and tag for the specific hunt area.
  • Hunt Code Selection:
    • A corresponding public-land draw hunt code must be chosen to correlate with the private-land hunt regarding unit(s), bag limit, and season date.

Important Notes

  • Landowner Permission:
    • Written consent from the landowner is mandatory.
  • Tagging Requirements:
    • If tags are not mailed due to online or phone purchases, they must be picked up at least 14 days before the hunt start date unless using the E-Tag system.

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