Bear Hunting Guide

Essential Bear Hunting Information

  • Field Requirements:
    • All necessary items listed on page 8.
  • Bear Tagging Rules:
    • Harvest tagging guidelines can be found on pages 29–30.
  • Licensing Fees:
    • Refer to pages 8–13 for fees and requirements.
  • Permissible Weapons:
    • Types of legal arms for bear detailed on page 28.
  • Youth Restrictions:
    • Specific youth hunts information on page 14.
  • Pre-Hunt Licensing:
    • Purchase licenses at least two days prior to hunting.
  • Legality of Marked Bears:
    • Taking marked animals addressed on page 5.

Specific Restrictions and Requirements

  • Bag Limit:
    • One bear per season; restrictions on taking cubs or female with cubs.
  • Closed Regions:
    • Including Rio Grande Wild Scenic Area and WMAs outside of draws.
  • Use of Electronic Calls:
    • Permitted for bear hunting.

Bear Management Zones and Limits

  • Zones and Harvest Caps:
    • New Mexico divided into 14 zones with defined total and female harvest limits.
  • Bow Hunting Zones:
    • Specific districts limited to bow hunting only.
  • Real-Time Zone Closure Updates:

Pelt Tagging Protocol

  • Carcass and Pelt Tags:
    • Immediate attachment of carcass tag post-harvest.
  • Tagging Requirement:
    • Skull and hide presented within 5 days before processing or crossing state lines.
  • Hunting with Designee:
    • Designee code required for those transporting bear on behalf of the hunter.
  • Skull Presentation:
    • Unfrozen skull required for tooth extraction; mouth fixed open.

Gender Identification and Dog Use

  • Visible Gender:
    • Proof of sex must be natural and visible on the hide.
  • Hunting with Dogs:
    • Detailed allowances and restrictions for use of dogs during bear hunts.

Baiting, Trapping, and Special Areas

  • Baiting and Trapping:
    • Illegal for bear taking; trapped bears must be released.
  • Valle Vidal Rules:
    • Specific draw permit and over-the-counter licenses required.

Over-the-Counter (OTC) License Hunts

  • OTC License Purchase:
  • OTC Hunting Seasons:
    • Season dates and quotas for each management zone detailed on page 110.

Bear Draw Permits

  • Draw Permit Deadline:
    • February 15, 2023, is the cut-off for applications.
  • Draw Permit License:
    • OTC bear license necessary for validating draw permits.

Bear Draw Permit Details

  • Availability:
    • Accessible for certain WMAs and other designated areas.
  • WMA Draw Hunting:
    • Specifics for New Mexico resident hunters.
  • Draw Permit Table:
    • Includes dates, codes, and permit numbers for different units.

For comprehensive bear hunting licenses, applications, and harvest reporting, contact NMDGF or call 1-888-248-6866.

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