Bighorn Sheep Hunting Season Guide 2024

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Ram Hunting

Season Overview

The Rocky Mountain Bighorn Ram season is divided into several units and specific dates. These hunts cater to various groups, including general hunters and youth-only categories. The hunting units are spread across different areas, each with designated hunting periods within the year 2024.

Hunting Units and Dates

  1. Units 16B, 22, 23, 24: Hunting is open from January 1 to January 31.
  2. Unit 45: There are three separate hunting periods in this unit:
    • August 4 to August 13
    • August 18 to August 27 (including a youth-only hunt)
  3. Unit 53: This unit offers several hunting windows:
    • August 6 to August 15
    • September 1 to September 10
    • August 4 to August 13 (in conjunction with Units 55)
    • August 18 to August 27 (in conjunction with Units 55)
  4. Units 49, 50, 53: These units have three distinct hunting periods:
    • August 10 to August 24
    • September 1 to September 15
    • November 1 to November 15
  5. Unit 58: This unit has an extended hunting season from August 15 to January 15, 2024.

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Ewe Hunting

Hunting Units and Dates

  1. Unit 45: The ewe hunts in this unit are scheduled as follows:
    • September 16 to September 20
    • September 30 to October 4
    • September 1 to September 10
    • September 30 to October 4 (youth-only hunt)

Desert Bighorn Ram Hunting

Season Overview

Desert Bighorn Rams offer a unique hunting experience in various units, with seasons typically occurring towards the latter part of the year.

Hunting Units and Dates

  1. Units 13, 17: These units have two consecutive hunting periods:
    • December 1 to December 15
    • December 16 to December 31
  2. Unit 19: This unit offers two hunting windows:
    • December 14 to December 21
    • December 27 to January 3, 2024
  3. Unit 20 (North and South): The hunting dates in these sub-units are as follows:
    • South: November 16 to November 30; December 1 to December 15
    • North: August 18 to August 27; November 17 to November 26 (youth-only)
  4. Unit 26 (Little and Big Hatchets): Both sub-units have identical hunting periods:
    • September 15 to September 30
    • October 1 to October 15
  5. Unit 27: This unit's hunting season is scheduled for:
    • November 1 to November 15
    • November 16 to November 30

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