New Mexico State Trust Land (2023–2024)

Access and Use Agreement

  • Agreement: The New Mexico State Game Commission and the Commissioner of Public Lands have an agreement that allows NMDGF licensees to access State Trust Land for hunting and fishing of protected species during valid license seasons. Trapping is not permitted.
  • More Information: Additional details about hunting access on State Trust Land can be found at

Access Specifics

  • Restricted Areas: Some areas may be unavailable for hunting or fishing. Contact NMSLO or use their interactive map at for specific locations.
  • Vehicle Access: Vehicle entry is allowed if access is available by public road or on established roads on State Trust Land that have not been closed to vehicular traffic.
  • Foot Access: Allowed from roads or from lawfully accessed adjacent public and private lands.
  • Hunting Access Points: NMDGF and NMSLO have identified specific hunting access points on State Trust Land, shown on NMSLO’s interactive map.
  • Hunting Area Exchanges: Some State Trust Land hunting privileges have been exchanged for similar privileges on private lands, marked with unitized signs.

Legal Activities on State Trust Land

  • Scouting: Allowed for big game 14 days prior to the open season.
  • Hunting: Permitted for big game or protected furbearers during open seasons and hours.
  • Nongame Species: Can be hunted, but only when your license is valid for protected species on those lands.
  • Camping: Requires permission from the State Trust Land agricultural lessee, in designated campsites shown on the interactive map, or as authorized by the commissioner.
  • Guests: Each license holder can take up to three guests on their hunt.

Contact for Access Issues

New Mexico State Parks

  • Hunting Restrictions: All New Mexico State Parks are closed to hunting, except in designated areas.
  • Contact Information: New Mexico State Parks Division at 1-888-667-2757 or

Other State Lands

  • Chihuahuan Desert Research Center: Closed to unescorted public access. Contact at 575-646-2554.
  • Jornada Experimental Range: Closed to unescorted public access in Doña Ana County.
  • Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District: For access information, call 505-864-7466.
  • Rio Grande in Valencia County: Certain areas may be closed to hunting for public safety. Contact the NMDGF Northwest Area Office at 505-222-4700, ext. 0.

Firewood Importation Warning

  • Importation Risks: Bringing firewood from other states can introduce harmful pests and diseases to New Mexico forests.
  • Immediate Burning: If firewood is brought in from another state, it should be burned immediately.
  • Local Sourcing: Purchase or collect firewood within New Mexico.
  • More Information: Contact the New Mexico Department of Agriculture at 575-646-3207 or the U.S. Department of Agriculture–Plant Protection and Quarantine at 575-527-6985.

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