Guide to Choosing Outfitted Hunts in New Mexico

Ensuring a Reputable Outfitter Experience

  • Registration Check: Always book with an outfitter registered with the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish (NMDGF). Check the updated list on the NMDGF website.
  • Seek References: Request both successful and unsuccessful hunter references to get a balanced view of what to expect.
  • Inquire Thoroughly: List all your queries and expectations to discuss with the outfitter. Clarify whether you'll be hunting on private or public land.
  • Understand Draw Hunts: Using an outfitter for public-land draw hunts might improve your draw odds. Ensure the outfitter is eligible for the 10% pool and understand the terms.

Legal and Contractual Obligations

  • Contracts Requirement: By law, a contract outlining the terms, dates, guide ratio, and fees must be signed before applying for draws or private land hunts.
  • Guide Accompaniment: For 10% pool licenses, the guide must physically accompany you for at least the first two days of the hunt.

Private Land Hunts Specifics

  • Outfitter or Agent: On private lands, hunts must be conducted by a registered outfitter or legally authorized agents of the landowner.
  • Private-Land Authorizations: Be aware of the difference between ranch-only and unit-wide authorizations. Understand the size and restrictions of the property before booking.
  • Verification: Verify the registration status of the outfitter or agent, as it's illegal to conduct business with unregistered individuals. Guides cannot act as outfitters.

What to Do If Issues Arise

  • Reporting Issues: If an outfitter isn't listed as registered or if you have other concerns, contact NMDGF directly before proceeding with any bookings.

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