Hunting on Private and Unitized Lands in New Mexico

Hunting on Private Land

Written Permission Requirement

  • Mandatory Permission: Hunters must have written permission to enter private lands for hunting. This applies to any protected species on posted private property. Failure to have written permission or to remain on the property after consent is withdrawn is unlawful and can lead to game seizure.
  • Permission Form: A form for obtaining written permission is available on the NMDGF website.

Unitization Agreements

Purpose and Benefits

  • Cooperative Agreements: Unitization agreements are temporary and cooperative between landowners and NMDGF, State Land Office, or Bureau of Land Management. They aim to increase public hunting access, reduce trespass issues, and help landowners manage their operations.
  • Annual Review: Each agreement is subject to annual review, with opportunities for public comment.

Hunting on Unitized Lands

  • License Requirements: Hunters must have a valid license for the specified season and species.
  • Access Information: Details on ranches with unitization agreements are available on the NMDGF website, along with signage in the field.
  • Hunting Permissions: While unitized lands offer more access, hunters still need permission from lessees for BLM/State Trust lands closed through these agreements. Violations can lead to game seizure.

Hunting on Native American Lands

Jurisdiction and Permissions

  • Outside NMDGF Jurisdiction: Hunting on Native American lands is governed by the respective pueblo, tribe, or nation, not by NMDGF.
  • Obtaining Permission: Hunters must obtain permission directly from the tribal authorities controlling the land.

Documentation and Lawful Possession

  • Proof of Legal Hunting: Any game or fish taken from native lands must be accompanied by official documentation (like a license or receipt) from tribal authorities to demonstrate lawful possession.

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