New York State Conservation Fund Advisory Board (CFAB) Overview

Establishment and Legal Framework

The Conservation Fund Advisory Board (CFAB) in New York State was established to advise state agencies on matters related to fish and wildlife. Originally formed as part of the State Executive Department, it was restructured in 1994 into its current form under the Environmental Conservation Law (§11-0327 Conservation Fund Advisory Board).

Purpose and Responsibilities

CFAB's primary roles include:

  • Reviewing DEC's allocations and expenditures for fish and wildlife.
  • Informing the public and sportsmen/women about the conservation fund and related programs.
  • Consulting with fish and wildlife interests and annually reporting to the DEC Commissioner.
  • Assisting in expanding income sources for the conservation fund.
  • Encouraging public engagement in fishing, hunting, trapping, and promoting the conservation of New York's natural resources.

Board Composition and Membership

CFAB consists of eleven appointed voting members with expertise in fish and wildlife management. Membership requirements include holding a valid New York State hunting, fishing, or trapping license for three years prior to appointment. These members, not employed by the DEC, voluntarily serve three-year terms. The board also includes ex-officio, non-voting members.

Member Representation

  • One member represents the New York State Conservation Council Inc. (NYSCC).
  • One represents the New York State Fish and Wildlife Management Act Board (FWMB).
  • Nine members represent each of the DEC regions.

Contact Information

Address: 625 Broadway, Albany, NY 12233-4800 Phone: 518-884-4705 Email:

Meeting Minutes and Agendas

Detailed minutes from CFAB meetings over the past three years are available in PDF format, offering insights into the board's activities and decisions.

Member Compensation

CFAB members do not receive a salary but are reimbursed for necessary travel expenses incurred during board meetings.

Process for Filling Vacancies

Voting members serve three-year terms, with appointments for vacancies following the same process as original appointments. These appointments should be made within sixty days of a position becoming vacant.

Board Membership Overview

The CFAB comprises appointed voting members, each representing different regions of New York State, and ex-officio, non-voting members. The members have been appointed by various authorities and possess extensive experience in fish and wildlife management, hunting, fishing, trapping, and related conservation activities.

Current Voting Members and Their Appointments

Appointed by the Governor

  • Brandon Dale: Represents Region 2 (New York County). Appointed on 9/29/2023, term expires on 2/16/2024.
  • Nathaniel Galimore: Represents Region 4 (Schenectady County). Appointed on 9/21/2023, term expires on 2/16/2024.
  • Shari Dann: Represents Region 7 (Madison County). Appointed on 9/21/2023, term expires on 2/16/2024.

Legislative Appointees

  • Timothy Huss (John J. Flanagan, Senate Majority Leader): Represents Region 1 (Suffolk County). Appointed on 1/8/2018, term expired on 2/16/2018.
  • Marc Osypian (John J. Flanagan, Senate Majority Leader): Represents Region 8 (Livingston County). Appointed on 8/11/2017, term expired on 2/16/2020.
  • Vacant (Assembly Majority Speaker): Region 3.
  • Dale F. Dunkleberger (Sheldon Silver, Assembly Majority Speaker): Represents Region 9 (Niagara County). Appointed on 5/5/2011, term expired on 2/16/2014.
  • Jason Kemper, Chair (Will Barclay, Assembly Minority Leader): Represents Region 5 (Saratoga County). Appointed on 3/18/2019, term expires on 2/16/2025.
  • Scott Faulkner (Robert G. Ortt, Senate Minority Leader): Represents Region 6 (Oneida County). Appointed on 6/28/2022, term expires on 2/16/2025.

Statutory Representatives

  • Anthony Kordziel (Region 5): Represents the New York State Conservation Council (Washington County).
  • Bill Conners (Region 3): Represents the New York State Fish and Wildlife Management Board (Dutchess County).

Ex-Officio Non-Voting Members

  • Basil Seggos: DEC Commissioner.
  • Liz Krueger: Senate Finance Committee Chair.
  • Sen. Pete Harckham: Senate Encon Committee Chair.
  • Deborah Glick: Assembly Encon Committee Chair.

Notes on Membership

  • Some appointments have expired, indicating a need for updates or reappointments.
  • A vacancy is present in Region 3 for the Assembly Majority Speaker appointment.
  • The board members, both voting and ex-officio, play a critical role in guiding fish and wildlife policies and programs in New York State.

Notable Points

  • The Region 3 Assembly appointment is currently vacant.
  • Members with expired terms and those with terms expiring within one year are listed.
  • Specific nominating authorities and representative details are provided for each member.

Additional Resources

For a comprehensive understanding of CFAB's duties and responsibilities, refer to the DEC's CFAB brochure, available in PDF format.

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