Hunting and Fishing Combination Licenses: Types and Eligibility

Overview of Annual and Lifetime Combination Licenses

Annual and lifetime combination licenses offer varied hunting privileges in a single package. These licenses are tailored to meet the diverse needs of hunters and fishers, encompassing several activities under one license. Specific activities might require additional privilege licenses, stamps, or certifications, which are not automatically included in the basic license types. These additional privileges enable activities such as big game, bear hunting, or waterfowl hunting. It's important to review the complete list of available privilege licenses, stamps, and certifications to understand what each license type covers.

Transaction Fees

When purchasing any license, remember that a $5 transaction fee is applicable, as per N.C.G.S. 113-270.1B. This fee is added to the total order during the transaction.

Lifetime Licenses

Lifetime licenses offer a long-term solution, remaining valid throughout the license-holder's lifetime. Unless stated otherwise, any associated privilege licenses, stamps, and certifications are typically valid for 12 months from the purchase date. This provides flexibility and convenience, especially for frequent hunters and fishers.

Senior Lifetime License

Eligibility for the Senior Lifetime License begins at 70 years of age for residents. This license is an excellent option for senior citizens, offering them the ease of not having to renew their license annually.

Disabled Veteran Lifetime License

Residents with a disability status of 50% or more, as determined by the Department of Veterans Affairs, qualify for the Disabled Veteran Lifetime License. This acknowledgment of service and sacrifice is a significant benefit, easing access to hunting and fishing activities.

License for the Totally Disabled

Individuals who are totally and permanently disabled, as recognized by the Social Security Administration, Civil Service Retirement System, Railroad Retirement Board, or the N.C. State Retirement System, are eligible for a specific lifetime license. Additionally, those diagnosed with conditions considered presumptive disabilities under 20 C.F.R. 416.934 also qualify. This license caters to residents with significant disabilities, ensuring they too can enjoy hunting and fishing activities.

Online Application

For both the Disabled Veteran and Totally Disabled Lifetime Licenses, applicants can conveniently apply online at This online application process simplifies the procedure, making it more accessible and user-friendly.

Comprehensive Guide to Hunting and Fishing Licenses

Understanding License Types for Residents and Nonresidents

Annual Licenses

  • Combination Hunting and Inland Fishing License ($35): Exclusively for residents, this license encompasses statewide hunting and inland fishing. It covers activities like fishing in Public Mountain Trout Waters, trout waters on game lands, joint waters, and hunting on game lands. However, it excludes privileges like big game hunting, state waterfowl, and fishing in coastal waters.

  • Sportsman License ($53): A resident-specific license, it includes statewide hunting and inland fishing with added privileges for big game hunting and waterfowl hunting (excluding bear management e-stamp and federal duck stamp). It does not cover fishing in coastal waters.

  • Unified Sportsman/Coastal Recreational Fishing License ($69): For residents, it offers comprehensive access to statewide hunting, inland, and coastal fishing. It includes big game and waterfowl hunting privileges (excluding bear management e-stamp and federal duck stamp) and fishing in various inland waters.

Lifetime Licenses

  • Sportsman License: Different price categories for various age groups and residents/nonresidents. Includes similar privileges as the annual Sportsman license, excluding fishing in coastal waters.

    Age Group Resident Nonresident
    Adult (12 & over) $530 $1272
    Youth (1-11) $371 $371
    Infant (<1) $212 $212
    Age 50 & Older $265 N/A
    Senior $16 N/A
  • Unified Sportsman/Coastal Recreational Fishing License: Similar to the annual version, with lifetime validity. Prices vary for different age groups, with only residents having reduced rates for seniors.

    Age Group Resident Nonresident
    Adult (12 & over) $716 $1643
    Youth (1-11) $477 $477
    Infant (<1) $292 $292
    Age 50 & Older $358 N/A
    Senior $32 N/A

Special Licenses for Disabled Veterans and Totally Disabled Individuals

  • Disabled Veteran and Totally Disabled Licenses: Ranging from $11 to $117, these licenses are exclusively for residents and offer various hunting and fishing privileges, with certain exclusions like big game hunting, state waterfowl privilege, and fishing in coastal waters.

Key Points to Remember

  • Nonresidents are not eligible for annual licenses.
  • Lifetime licenses offer varied pricing for different age groups and resident statuses.
  • Special licenses for disabled veterans and totally disabled individuals provide tailored hunting and fishing opportunities.
  • Certain privileges are not included in the basic license types and require additional stamps or certifications.

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