North Carolina Shooting Ranges: A Comprehensive Guide

North Carolina Shooting Ranges

Overview of Shooting Ranges by County

North Carolina boasts a variety of shooting ranges across different counties, each offering unique facilities for firearms enthusiasts. Key ranges include:

Shooting Range Closures

Certain shooting ranges have specific closure dates due to events or special permit hunts. For instance, the R. Wayne Bailey-Caswell Shooting Range in Caswell County will be closed on December 8th and 9th for special permit hunts.

2023 NC Wildlife .22 Challenges Series

The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission is hosting the "2023 NC Wildlife .22 Challenges Series." The December Challenge, known as the Tannenbaum Challenge, will take place from December 1st to 30th, between 9 AM and 3 PM, Tuesday to Saturday, at the John Lentz Hunter Education Complex.

Rules and Challenge Details

  • Rifle Specifications: Participants can use any .22LR rifle.
  • Support Allowed: Front support (like bipods, bags) and rear support (such as squeeze bags, mono pods) are permitted.
  • Restrictions: Lead sleds or vises are not allowed.
  • Targets: Only range-provided targets and stands must be used.
  • Compliance: All range rules are to be strictly followed.

The Challenge

Participants will engage with 10 targets placed at 100 yards, designed as 40mm "ornaments." Each shooter gets 18 shots to hit all 10 targets, with disqualification if more than 18 shots are found on the board. Shooters can try again on another day if disqualified.

Rewards and Participation

Successful participants will receive a hat and a patch for the monthly challenge, with only one hat awarded per year upon the first successful completion of a challenge. Additional rewards include monthly custom patches. Participants are allowed one attempt per day, including attempts for previous months' challenges missed.

First-Time Visitors

Newcomers to these ranges or those new to shooting are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Commission's Shooting Range Procedures and Safety video, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience at these facilities.

This guide provides a detailed overview of the shooting ranges in North Carolina, highlighting their locations, special events, and guidelines, ensuring enthusiasts have all the information they need for a rewarding shooting experience.

N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission’s Introduction to Shooting Range Safety (

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