Reptile & Amphibian Regulations in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, regulations for hunting reptiles and amphibians are in place to ensure the responsible and sustainable harvesting of these species. Here are the key regulations you need to know:

License Requirements

  • Land-Dwelling Reptiles or Amphibians: You must possess a resident or nonresident hunting license, unless exempt.
  • Water-Dwelling Reptiles or Amphibians: A resident or nonresident fishing license is required unless exempt.
  • Commercial Turtle Harvester License: If you intend to take or possess water-dwelling turtles for commercial purposes, you need a commercial turtle harvester license. Note that not all bodies of water are open for commercial harvest.
  • Commercial Minnow Dealers License: If you are taking aquatic salamanders for commercial purposes, you must have a commercial resident or nonresident minnow dealers license.
  • Bullfrogs: Bullfrogs may be taken with various methods, including hook and line, gig, spear, bow and arrow, or other methods, except firearms, under a resident or nonresident fishing license. Firearms can be used to take bullfrogs under the resident or nonresident hunting license.
  • Selling Rattlesnakes: Individuals with a current resident or nonresident hunting license may sell lawfully-taken rattlesnakes to those holding a commercial or noncommercial wildlife breeders license during the open season. A commercial wildlife breeders license is required for buying and reselling live rattlesnakes.

5-Day Rattlesnake Permit

  • If you are participating in an organized rattlesnake hunting event or festival, you must obtain a 5-day rattlesnake permit, unless exempt. Hunters with a valid hunting license are exempt from this permit requirement.
  • Permits can be obtained online at or at any hunting or fishing license dealer.

Rattlesnake Dates & Daily Limits

  • March 1 - June 30: During this period, prairie rattlesnakes, western diamondback rattlesnakes, timber rattlesnakes, and massasaugas can be legally harvested. There is no daily limit for these species during this time.

Other Reptile Dates & Daily Limits

  • Some reptiles have a statewide closed season, including Texas horned lizard, eastern side-blotched lizard, checkered whiptail, American alligator, and others. All other reptiles, excluding rattlesnakes, have a year-round season, with a limit of six (6) per day or in possession for each species.

Nuisance Reptiles

  • Landowners, lessees, or occupants of land can control reptiles creating a nuisance, except for those listed as endangered or threatened.

Legal Means of Taking

  • It is prohibited to introduce harmful substances into or around underground dens or rock crevices for the purpose of taking reptiles or amphibians.
  • Taking legal water turtles and aquatic salamanders for commercial purposes is subject to current statutes and regulations. All other reptiles and amphibians, except for water turtles and aquatic salamanders taken for commercial purposes and legal species of frogs, can only be taken by hand or other legal means.

Commercial Harvest

  • Engaging in commercial activities involving reptiles or amphibians collected from the wild is generally prohibited, except for provisions for rattlesnakes, water turtles, and aquatic salamanders.

Commercial & Noncommercial Breeding

  • Licensed individuals for captive breeding of reptiles and amphibians must maintain detailed breeding and hatching records.
  • Exceptions for education or research purposes may be made for holders of Oklahoma scientific collector's permits.

Possession of American Alligators

  • It is unlawful to possess American alligators in Oklahoma.

Amphibian Dates, Areas, Legal Species & Daily Limits

  • There is a statewide year-round open season for most amphibians, except for certain salamanders with a statewide closed season.
  • Aquatic frogs, except bullfrogs and crawfish frogs, Woodhouse's toad, and aquatic salamanders of certain genera have no daily or possession limit.
  • The daily limit for bullfrogs is 15, and they cannot be sold or shipped out-of-state. Bullfrogs may not be taken in the Wichita Mountains WR.
  • The limit for crawfish frogs and all other species of amphibians, except those listed as closed, is four (4) per day or in possession of each species.

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