Map Availability for Hunters


For hunters in Oregon, there are numerous online and offline resources available to help determine important information about hunting areas, including public vs. private land, wildlife management unit boundaries, controlled hunt boundaries, travel management areas, ODFW wildlife areas, and satellite imagery. Here is a summary of these resources and where to find them:

Online Resources

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) Website

  • Website:
  • This website provides weblinks to various hunting-related maps and resources.

Wildlife Management Unit Boundary Maps

  • These maps define the boundaries of wildlife management units in Oregon.
  • Access them online or purchase physical copies at ODFW Salem and Region offices.
  • Also available at

Controlled Hunt Boundary Maps

  • Maps for controlled hunts may be available for download if you are successful in drawing a controlled hunt.
  • Use the search feature on by entering the hunt number or valid unit to find downloadable PDF versions of these maps.

ODFW Wildlife Area Maps

  • Maps of ODFW wildlife areas can be found on the ODFW website.

Access and Habitat Hunting Area Maps

  • Access and Habitat hunting area maps can be downloaded for free as GEOpdf files online.
  • Avenza is an example of a free app for smartphones, tablets, or computers that can be used to follow your location, identify boundaries, and save waypoints while hunting.

Private Business Services

  • Private businesses offer technologies like onXmaps, which provide public land maps and private landowner name/boundary maps for GPS, smartphones, or computers.

Additional Resources (Paper Maps)

U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Land Maps

U.S. Forest Service

Oregon Department of Forestry Protection District Maps

Harney County Maps

  • Harney County produces printed maps of ODFW Management Units in Central and Southeast Oregon.
  • These maps can be purchased online at

Private Company Maps

  • Various private companies produce maps for specific wildlife management units.
  • These maps are often available at sporting goods stores.

Statewide Wildlife Management Unit Map

  • The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) offers a statewide hunting unit map for $5.
  • This map includes big game unit boundaries, land ownership details, landmarks, and written descriptions of each management unit.
  • It is available for order online at or at your local ODFW Office.

These resources provide hunters with valuable information to plan and navigate their hunting activities effectively while ensuring they stay within legal boundaries and regulations.

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