Mentored Youth Hunting Program

Youth Participation

The Mentored Youth Hunting Program in Oregon allows both resident and nonresident youth to participate without first passing an approved Hunter Education Program. To be eligible for this program, youth must meet the following criteria:

  • Be between 9 and 15 years of age. Youth aged 16 and older are no longer eligible and must pass an approved hunter education program, possess a Youth License, and appropriate tags/permits/validations.
  • Hunt while accompanied by a supervising hunter who is 21 years of age or older and holds a valid license and tags for the specified dates, area, and species being hunted.
  • Complete the free annual registration, which can be done online at or at a local license agent.
  • Possess the registration document while hunting.
  • Review and acknowledge understanding of material on safe hunting practices provided by the Department by signing a form.
  • Follow all hunting regulations.
  • Remain under the immediate control of the supervising hunter at all times while in possession of any legal weapon for the hunt.
  • Wear a hunter orange exterior garment (shirt, jacket, coat, vest, or sweater) or hat when hunting with a firearm for game mammals or upland game birds (except wild turkey). The garment or hat must have hunter orange visible in all directions (360 degrees).

Supervising Hunter

The supervising hunter is responsible for:

  • Holding a valid hunting license and tags that are valid for the specified dates, area, and species being hunted.
  • Maintaining immediate control of the mentored youth hunter at all times while the youth is in possession of any legal weapon for the hunt.
  • Ensuring compliance with all Oregon hunting regulations and being responsible and accountable for all actions of the mentored youth hunter while hunting.
  • Supervising only one mentored youth hunter at any given time during hunting.
  • Reviewing information on safe hunting practices provided by the Department with the youth.


During mentored youth hunting activities:

  • The supervising hunter must maintain immediate control of the mentored youth hunter while the youth is in possession of any legal weapon for the hunt.
  • The supervising hunter cannot accompany more than one mentored youth hunter at a time during hunting.
  • The supervising hunter and the mentored youth hunter cannot collectively possess more than one weapon legal for the hunt at any given time during hunting.

Seasons and Bag Limits

Wildlife harvested by the mentored youth hunter will count towards the supervising hunter's bag limit. The program is not applicable to designated youth-only seasons and hunts.

Mentored Youth Preference Points

Youth participating in the mentored youth hunting program will receive one mentored youth preference point for each year they register for the program. These preference points are banked with no expiration date. To redeem them, mentored youth must fill out a form supplied by the department's License Services Section, specifying the species they want their preference points applied to. Points must be used at once and cannot be split among species. Once redeemed, they are converted to the Preference Point System and subject to Oregon Administrative Rules governing preference points.

For registration and additional information, please visit

Note: Mentored youth can only harvest an animal that the supervising hunter could legally harvest. Youth Hunts do not qualify under the Mentored Youth Hunter Program because the supervising hunter cannot legally hunt during a Youth Hunt.

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