South Carolina Youth Hunting Schedule and Regulations

Youth Hunting Dates and Zones

  • Turkey Hunting
    • Private Lands: Game Zones 1 & 2 (March 30-31, 2024), Game Zones 3 & 4 (March 16-17, 2024)
    • Excluded WMAs: Bear Island, Donnelley, Keowee, Santee Coastal Reserve, etc.
  • Deer Hunting
    • Date: January 6, 2024
    • Limit: 2 deer total; no tags required
    • Excluded WMAs: Bear Island, Crackerneck, Donnelley, etc.

Small Game Hunting Schedule

  • Raccoon
    • Date: September 9 (Private Lands Only)
  • Squirrel
    • Date: September 30 (Private Lands Only)
  • Quail
    • Date: November 18 (Private Lands Only)
  • Rabbit
    • Date: March 2, 2024 (Private Lands Only)

Adult/Youth Dove Hunting

  • Eligibility: Adults 21+ with 1 or 2 youths (15 years or younger); Youths 16 & 17 can hunt alone or with an adult
  • Dates and Locations:
    • September 2 at various locations including Union Co., Abbeville Co., Draper WMA, etc.
    • Contact information for each location is provided for further details.

Youth Only Deer Lottery Hunt

  • Application: Opens July 1 at
  • Dates and Locations:
    • Selected days in November at Poinsett Gunnery Range, Wateree River HP, etc.
    • Selected days in October to December at Santee Cooper WMA, Upstate Private Areas, etc.

Adult/Youth Deer and Turkey Hunting at Bluefield WMA

  • Restrictions: Youth 17 and younger, accompanied by an adult 21+
  • Hunting Types: Deer, Turkey, Small Game
  • Contact: Dennis Wildlife Center (843-825-3387)

Youth Only Raccoon Hunting

  • Months: October, November, January 2024
  • Locations: Darlington Co., Edgefield Co., Union Co., etc.
  • Contact: Columbia SCDNR office (803-734-3609)

South Carolina Youth Raccoon Hunting Championship

  • Date: February or March 2024
  • Eligibility: Selected by regional qualifying hunts
  • Contact: Furbearer Project (803-734-3609)

Draw Youth Turkey and Waterfowl Hunts

  • Turkey Hunting: Saturdays during WMA season at Santee Cooper, Donnelley, etc.
  • Waterfowl Hunting: Saturdays during the season at Donnelley, Bonneau Ferry WMA, etc.
  • Application: Opens online mid-January for Turkey and September 1 for Waterfowl hunts.

Mobility Impaired Deer Hunting in South Carolina

Accessibility and Contact Information

  • WMAs and Access: Many Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) are in remote areas with limited developed access. For specific access conditions and assistance:
    • Contact SCDNR Regional Offices (details available in the Directory of South Carolina DNR).

Scheduled Deer Hunts for Mobility Impaired Individuals

Tibwin, Charleston County

  • Dates: Selected dates
  • Sponsor: US Forest Service & SCDNR
  • Contact: US Forest Service at 843-336-2200

Upstate Private Areas Hunt (Cherokee, Spartanburg & Union Counties)

  • Dates: October 27-28 (Friday PM/Saturday AM)
  • Sponsor: Private Landowners & SCDNR Region 1
  • Contact: 864-427-5140

Upstate Private Areas and Select WMAs Hunt (Laurens, Newberry Counties)

  • Dates: November 3-4 (Friday PM/Saturday AM)
  • Sponsor: Private Landowners & SCDNR Region 1
  • Contact: 864-427-5140

Eligibility Requirements

  • Eligible participants for these mobility-impaired deer hunts include:
    • Persons permanently confined to a wheelchair
    • Individuals who permanently require mechanical aids (such as crutches or walkers) to walk
    • Persons with complete single or double leg amputations

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