Key Hunting Definitions and Regulations

Active Duty

Refers to individuals serving full-time in the U.S. Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, Reserves, National Guard, or Texas State Guard. This includes those in full-time training or attending designated service schools.

Aggregate Limit

The combined daily bag or possession limit for more than one species or a singular limit applied to a group of counties.


Encompasses all devices used for flight, including drones. Usage of aircraft for hunting, locating animals, or similar activities is restricted without a department-issued permit.

Air Gun

A device propelling bullets solely through unignited compressed gas.

Annual Bag Limit

Defines the maximum number of specific species (alligator, deer, pronghorn, turkey, or javelina) legally hunted by an individual in a license year.

Antler Point

A projection on a deer's antler that extends at least one inch from the main beam or another tine, including the tip of the main beam.

Antlerless Deer

Deer without antlers or with antlers that do not protrude through the skin.

Arrow Gun

A device propelling arrows or bolts solely by unignited compressed gas.


Materials used to attract wildlife, including salt, grain, minerals, or other feeds. Usage is regulated and often prohibited for certain species or areas.

Baited Area

A region where bait has been placed, affecting the legality of hunting certain species there.

Buck Deer

A deer characterized by antler growth protruding through the skin or in velvet exceeding one inch.

Buck Pronghorn

Identified by black cheek patches below the ears.


The act of taking or killing wildlife, including attempts.


The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species is a global agreement regulating the trade of wild animals and plants.

Closed Season

A period when hunting or fishing a particular species is prohibited.

Daily Bag Limit

The maximum number of game animals or birds legally hunted or possessed by an individual in a single day.


A 24-hour period from midnight to midnight.


Damage or destruction caused to property, crops, or environments by wildlife.

Edible Condition

Suitability of a portion of game for human consumption, excluding parts damaged or spoiled during harvest or those diseased.

Final Destination

The permanent residence of the hunter or recipient of the game, or a Type 1 cold storage or processing facility.

Final Processing

The act of preparing wildlife for cooking or storage, including more than just quartering for deer or pronghorn.


The act of capturing, trapping, taking, or killing wildlife, including attempts.

Immediate Consumption

Preparation of game for immediate cooking and eating, not for later storage.

Legal Archery and Crossbow Equipment

Includes longbows, recurved bows, compound bows, or crossbows used for hunting.

Legal Shotgun for Migratory Game Birds

Regulations on shotgun size, capacity, and modification for hunting these species.

Legal Shooting Hours

Defined times for hunting game animals and birds, varying by species and sometimes by specific days or events.


Domesticated animals like cattle, horses, sheep, goats, and swine.


Altering natural vegetation or agricultural crops in specific ways, often regulated and species-specific.

Migratory Bird Preservation Facility

A place designed for storing or processing game birds.

Natural Vegetation

Indigenous or acclimatized plant species growing naturally in an area.


An individual who doesn't meet Texas residency requirements.

Non-toxic Shot

Approved materials for ammunition that won't harm ingested by migratory birds.

Normal Agricultural Activities

Defined planting and harvesting practices and their impact on hunting regulations.

Open Season

The timeframe when it's lawful to hunt or attempt to hunt specified wildlife.

Permanent Residence

The primary home or dwelling of an individual.

Possession Limit

The maximum number of animals or birds one can legally possess, defined by hunting regulations.


Refers to the pronghorn antelope in this document.


Defined by Texas for licensing purposes, including stipulations for military personnel.


The act of transferring ownership or possession of items, including wildlife parts, for consideration.


A prohibited floating hunting device.


A label or documentation attached to harvested wildlife, varying by license type.

Upland Game Bird

Various species of terrestrial game birds listed.


Any watercraft used for transportation on water.


Defined species of aquatic birds hunted under specific regulations.

Wildlife Resource

All wild animals, birds, or aquatic life.

Wildlife Resource Document (WRD)

Documentation for legally transferring game animals or birds.

Wounded Deer

A deer that leaves a blood trail, indicating it has been hit.


Individuals who have served in active military, naval, or air service and were discharged honorably.


Persons 16 years or younger, with specific regulations for hunting and licensing.

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