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Expedition Elite - Fleece-Lined All-Weather Coat

$59.99 $79.99

The Expedition Elite Men's Fleece-Lined All-Weather Coat is designed for the adventurous man who doesn't let weather dictate his outdoor activities. This coat combines superior functionality with sleek, rugged aesthetics to ensure you stay warm, dry, and stylish, no matter the conditions.

Key features include:

  1. Durable Outer Shell: Crafted with a high-grade, water-resistant fabric, this coat shields you against rain, snow, and wind, ensuring you remain dry and comfortable in all weather conditions.

  2. Cozy Fleece Lining: The interior is lined with a plush, soft fleece, providing an extra layer of warmth. The fleece is gentle against the skin and retains heat efficiently, keeping you cozy even on the coldest days.

  3. Adjustable Hood and Cuffs: The coat features an adjustable hood, offering additional protection against harsh elements. The cuffs are also adjustable, ensuring a snug fit that keeps the cold out.

  4. Multiple Pockets: Equipped with spacious, secure pockets, this coat offers ample storage for your essentials. The pockets are lined to keep your hands warm and are zippered to safely store your belongings.

  5. Versatile Design: Its sleek design makes it suitable for various outdoor activities like hiking, camping, or urban adventures. It's also stylish enough for casual wear, making it a versatile addition to your wardrobe.

  6. Easy Maintenance: The coat is machine washable and retains its shape and functionality even after repeated washing, making it easy to care for.

Ideal for the modern explorer, the Expedition Elite Men's Fleece-Lined All-Weather Coat is a dependable companion for your outdoor pursuits, combining comfort, style, and practicality.

Size Length (inches) Bust (inches) Shoulder (inches) Sleeve (inches) Height (inches) Weight (pounds)
XS 27.0" 42.5" 18.7" 24.2" 63.0-66.9" 99-117 lbs
S 27.8" 44.1" 19.2" 24.8" 65.0-68.9" 117-132 lbs
M 28.5" 45.7" 20.1" 25.4" 65.0-70.9" 132-150 lbs
L 29.3" 47.2" 20.2" 26.0" 66.9-72.8" 150-165 lbs
XL 30.1" 48.8" 20.6" 26.6" 66.9-74.8" 165-183 lbs
2XL 30.9" 50.4" 21.1" 35.0" 66.9-76.8" 183-198 lbs
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